Adadex — Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Center

Advanced Best Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure

2 min readApr 4, 2023

Adadex helps to create the infrastructure of artificial intelligence in the development of robots.

We designed a real human brain. Adadex is the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence robot.

  • You can create a robot on Metaverse with your Adadex digital identity.
  • You can create and sell your own Smart NFTs in the NFT market

Reliable Intelligent Virtual Robots

With our reliable smart virtual robots, your graph analysis becomes easy. Adadex robots let you know the trading point of your trading strategies. This is not an indicator. It collects all chart data, calculates the buying and selling volume instantly and determines the right buying and selling point for you.

Metaverse World of Artificial Intelligence Robots

After logging into the metaverse world of Adadex robots, you can log in to the Adadex store and command our robots to run your own business. Our robots have been developed with an artificial intelligence algorithm that a real human will answer for every question you ask our robots.

Robot Technology

We produce special robot technology for you. By controlling Metaverse robots with artificial intelligence, it causes your company to finish their work faster.

Free Test Robots

In the test section of our stores in Metaverse, you can test the robots with the test robots and see the operation of the robots before purchasing.

All Your Data Is Safe

Adadex keeps all your data safe. All transactions you make remain confidential. It cannot see your data, including Adadex.

NFT Marketplace

You can buy NFTs of artificial intelligence robots in Adadex NFT marketplace, and sell your artificial intelligence robots that you have created.